For owners Christina & Erik Andersen, NoPo represents their love for the local area and literally where they live - the North side of Pokegama Lake, but also something bigger.  While they both have other full time jobs, they saw opening NoPo as an opportunity to bring their love for travel, coffee, food, wine, and culture and together with their love for small town living and the roots that tend to grow in communities such as ours.  

This coffee shop, from the choice to work with a local coffee roaster to the mostly healthy and whole foods menu choices - is a place where big city meets small town; an eclectic mix of geek squad meets farm girl; entrepreneur meets artist; a place that is both peaceful and confusing... not a day goes by where we don't hear the question "how does this place exist here, in small town USA?"  Because we wanted it to.  That's why.  

One thing is for sure: you’ll never have a better coffee experience than you will at NoPo; surrounded by woods, whimsy and the interesting, intelligent and kind people who make up our community.  

Christina Lake Superior.jpeg

Christina Andersen

I love yoga, coffee, wine, learning and the challenges (and relationships) that have come through owning a business (or four!).   I wish I had more time for photography because I love the way the lens forces me to look at the world with a more attentive eye and the resulting feeling that comes from capturing a moment.  I have also taken up all forms of biking so that I can actually hang out with Erik and my two boys who are growing up into some funny and competent young men.  You'll see them behind the coffee bar on the occasional Saturday.  Sometimes I'll fish, but only if it's in a canoe on a sunny day and there are snacks. I do love being on the water, and I even enjoy the snow. 

Seasons make my vata very happy & coffee makes my world go 'round.


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Erik Andersen

If he's not biking, he's sleeping.  Or working.  But every morning he wakes up and makes the best latte art, reads the wall street journal, and sets up his day with a pristine routine.  He wishes he had more time for woodworking.  And hunting.  And fishing.  And reading.  And more biking.  He'll snowboard in the winter, sometimes he'll cross country ski but only if the sun is out and only if there are snacks (aka beer) at the finish.  He's responsible for all the biking, wife, kids, sister and brother in law, and he's so grateful that we all go that he literally lives with a permanent smile on his face even when he's going half the speed he could go if he were by himself.  One day he'll be a permanent fixture behind the NoPo Counter slinging 'spros all damn day.  Until then, the occassional Saturday with the boys will have to do.  Hasta la vista, baby.  Narcos is his favorite show..

Jessa Kingen

Head Barista & Manager

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Lisa Lindell


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Julie Johnson


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